May 4

Today is “Star Wars day” because of a slightly twisted line from the movie, “May the force be with you” changed to May the fourth be with you.  May 4th.  And the idea of the the line in the first place was a reliance on a mystic cosmic force that controls your destiny.  It is the same kind of thinking today.  I am not sure if any of you saw this commercial on TV yet, but it is a total pro-science/anti-God commercial about saving the world from this pandemic.  Watch it and see you if had the same reaction I had.  After watching this commercial myself, I looked over at my wife and gasped.  Science will win? Trust in science and it will succeed?  Stop putting your trust on other things (like God) because science is better?  Do not get me wrong in saying that God does not work through science.  I know many people who God has gifted with insights and wisdom in scientific ideas.  But science will not save us.  God is just as capable of confusing the research of scientists as He is of giving wisdom to cure it.  We should not think that a cosmic force or science will save us.  Only God can do that.  May the Lord be with you.