February 17

This is the last week of my I Am series.  And I think it is a vital I am statement that we need to ponder many times.  What does it mean to be connected?  How are we to bear fruit?  Am I in danger of being cut off?  In answer to that last question, the simple answer is if you are asking the question, then most likely you are not cut off.  Being cut off is not something that you have to worry about if you are worrying about it.  It is when you get to the point of not being concerned about this possibility is the first indication that your heart has grown so cold and hardened that it doesn’t matter to you whether or not you are saved.  Nothing in life can take away your salvation (Rom 8), but if you choose to walk away from God and his gift of life in Jesus, your salvation may be in jeopardy.  Just as you have free will to accept Jesus as your savior, you have free will to reject his salvation.  However, if you are starting to ask the question, “Am I in danger of being cut off” than maybe God is urging you into a closer more intimate relationship with him.  Just as earthly relationship can grow distant and disconnected if not given the right time and effort needed to maintain those relationships, so to your relationship with God.  God doesn’t just want your initial yes to his plan of salvation, He wants that acceptance to grow closer to you as you grow closer to him.  The closer you are with God, the further you are from wandering off and losing that salvation given to you.