February 15

   I hope you all were able to listen to my sermon online Sunday.  I do not like closing church due to the weather, but I also know the concept many people have about needing to come to church “every time the doors are open.”  Some people feel guilt about staying home on Sunday when there is a worship service.  I love the fellowship of seeing everyone face to face even if only a few come to worship during inclement weather.  But I also know the dangers this kind of weather can be on people, their vehicles, and the streets between their home and here.
   This is one benefit of this Covid 19 has had over this last year.  Watching a service live on your computer was something only the mega churches did not too long ago.  But with the church closures this last year, more and more churches, even small ones like Groveland Missionary, are starting to reach out via the internet to those who may be to timid at first to come to a building or for those unable to attend.  I pray that God will use this medium to continue to grow his church.
   However, that all being said, the Bible makes it clear that meeting together and having fellowship one with another is also important.  This is the scope of my new series starting this next Sunday.  One another . . . what can we do to help our fellow Christians.  So I hope you will tune in and show up in the coming weeks.