August 19

The facts about the stars I shared last week and the sun this week are mind blowing.  The numbers are to big for us to imagine.  200 billion billion stars.  The sun equaling the size of a basketball and the earth (a 2mm dot) is 80 feet away proportionally!  Every time I have preached this sermon with these facts, I have to double check to make sure my math is right.  But they check out every time.  I have even found a website that does the math for you.  Check it our if you want.  On that site you can type in the size you want the sun compared with and it crunches the numbers and gives you the sizes and distances to other things in our universe.  But as fascinating and wonderful as these numbers are, I can think of something even more fascinating.  That the God of the Universe loves me and died for a sinner like I.  “The wonder of it all, the wonder of it all, just to think that God loves me” (George Beverly Shea)