April 3

The story of the lyrics behind “It is Well with my Soul” is very sad.  H. G. Spafford lost a lot before penning these words and yet the story of this song does not end there.  Spafford went on to have three more children.  But sadly another of his sons died before age 5.  Philip Bliss who wrote the tune behind the words also met with tragedy.  While he and his wife was traveling by train to a D. L. Moody revival, their train tipped over while crossing a bridge and plunged 50 feet to a firey and twisted wreck.  Philip Bliss was able to escape the crumpled mess but going back to look for his wife found that she was trapped in the tangled medal.  Not wanting to leave his wife’s side, he burned alive holding on to her hand.  7 lives were loss in connection with this song.  Fortunately, Mr. and Mrs. Bliss, at the last minute, decided to leave their two young boys at home before boarding the doomed train.  Yet even in such tragedy, the message of hope in the song still rings true, “even so, it is well with my soul”.