September 17

  I have been thinking about Groveland Missionary Church and it’s faithful service to the Lord for the last 122 years.  Much has happened and much has changed in those years.  But one thing that has not changed is that God is Faithful and He has been so good to this church down through the years.  He has been with this congregation through the ups and downs, during the good times and the struggles.  Many people have come in and out of these doors.  Many souls have been forever changed.  Many seeds have been sown and many harvests have come and gone.  But I see great things ahead for this church.  The Law of the Harvest states that you reap what you have sown, that you reap only after you have sown, and that you reap more than you have sown.  I see a great harvest just ahead for Groveland Missionary Church.  But the harvest needs workers to bring in the harvest.  It would be wonderful if the harvest could reap itself, but that is not the case.  As one book says, “The Cross must be raised in the marketplace as well as on the steeples of the churches. We cannot hope to get our entire communities into our churches to hear evangelistic sermons (as valid and proven as this method of evangelism is). But we can hope to get our churches (born again believers; devoted disciples) out into every area of our communities.  Answering the Call to Evangelism: Spreading the Good News to Everyone (p. 32).  And as this book later explains, “These principles of evangelism worked for Jesus (John 4:39–42)! They will work for you too. But like all rules for success, they will not work unless you do. If you will cultivate the ground and plant the seed, you can expect to reap the resulting harvest for Christ. Evangelism is not optional. We are commanded to serve the Lord by reconciling sinful man with a holy and loving God. What are we doing about it?” (p. 39).