October 7

Well, the sermon was not recorded, but I can still give you a quick word.  Psalm 117 is the smallest chapter in the Bible but has some of the biggest words.  God’s steadfast (hesed) love and God’s faithfulness are two big words in Hebrew.  However the word translated “great” (in NIV) or “powerful” (NLT) or “towers over” (NET) is something even bigger.  It has the idea of something so big and powerful that it cannot be imagined.  And in my sermon I compared it to the waves that are formed off the shores of Nazarè, Portugal.  These waves which only the best can surf are sometimes over 100 feet tall.  And that picture of a massive, unstoppable, powerful wave is the kind of idea behind the words in Psalm 117.  So you can either ride that wave of God’s love and faithfulness, or you can be crushed by it. The choice is up to you.