October 21

Technology is great until it stops working.  I came in this morning ready to do many of the things I do on Mondays – do my devotions online, upload the weekend sermon to the website, answer a feel emails from the weekend, send out an announcement about our Parent’s Night Out (canceled this month) and our Trunk or Treat (check it out under the Events page), and of course post this blog.  It was a tech heavy morning.  That is until I figure out that the church’s modem was on the fritz.  After multiple phone calls, plugging and unplugging cables, reboots, restarts, refreshes, and finally service tech with a new modem, it is back up.  Until it had to reboot another time.  And so the morning was not what it was cracked up to be.  But with the help of this week’s sermon still fresh in my mind from yesterday (and still a bit of those crazy cartoon hallelujahs singing in my head), I was able to praise the Lord.  He is a technology that will keep us hooked up when everything around us will turn to dust.  Keep on praising.