October 14

This devotion, along with the sermon is several days late being posted due to sick kids, the holiday on Monday and my 13th wedding anniversary all happening at the same time.  I have also just been a bit lazy and put this off.  Sometimes it is hard to write posts like this week after week.  And for the longest time, it seemed like few people if anyone ever read them.  However, just before I started this post, I looked at some of the analytics from this website and was encouraged that there have been a few recent hits not only on the sermon podcast, but also on these ramblings.  So my encouragement is passed on to you.  In light of this week’s sermon, I would encourage you to start a daily Bible reading.  If this is tough for you, there are several programs and apps that help you (and even remind you) to start reading.  A couple of them that we have links to on our website are Logos and YouVersion.  I know each of them are free to download and use and I believe both include a reading program that will help you read through the whole Bible in a year or certain books of the Bible.  Also as Christmas is coming, look and ask for “One Year Bibles” that divide the Bible into 365 minor chunks that you can read each day.  If at all fails, take the book of Proverbs and read one chapter each day.  With 31 chapters, it will fill most months (you may have to double up on those months with less than 31 day/month). Remember as the old children’s song goes, “Read your Bible, pray everyday, and you’ll grow, grow, grow.