October 1

      I am getting to the devotions a bit later in the week than I normally do.  I try to get the sermon of the week and this devotion posted to the website on the following Monday.  I got the sermon uploaded this week on Monday, but then my time after that was filled with other things that I felt were more pressing.  But looking back at what I filled my time with these last couple of days, I see that they were not as important as I treated them and I could have put them off another week.  My priorities were not where they should be.  I am sure I am not alone in setting my priorities incorrectly at times.  On occasion, I will put of harder things until later in order to do easier things now.  And it is typical that the easy things are usually the kind of things that do not need my attention right away.
     And as I thought about these struggles I have sometimes in prioritizing my time, I thought about how I struggle in prioritizing spiritual things.  I find myself putting off things God wants in my life for things I want to do or I find easier to focus on.  I also thought how quickly we can accomplish things we find enjoyable instead of focusing what would be more beneficial.  Are there some beneficial things God wants you to focus on this week that you have been putting off?  Listen and obey the leading of the Holy Spirit and take a new look at how your priorities line up with His.