May 6

It looks like I missed last week with a devotional thought and it is already Friday of this week.  Our church is hosting a major conference in another week and I ma running here and there trying to get the building ready and all the details put into order.  However, I have been trying to keep current with my personal devotions.  I am not sure if I have mentioned this recently, but every morning I like to spend 15-20 minutes reading a devotional book and a few chapters from the Bible.  The devotional I use is titled “Our Daily Bread”.  I think I have posted a link to it under the “Links” tab. (if not it will be soon).  After that, I am doing a “Read through entire the Bible in one year” goal.  So I am reading the English Standard Version from cover to cover (on my Logos app).  The reason I am telling you all this is that not only did I preach on Nehemiah but this week in my read through the Bible, I am up to the book of Nehemiah in my devotional time.  It is fun to reread the same thing I just read, studied, and preached on the week before.  And no matter how many times I read the Bible I find something new.  What is something new you read today?