May 20

It has been a busy week last week here at the church with the Region Conference being hosted in our building.  And I could have been overwhelmed with the details and my hosting duties.  However, one of my prayers just before conference began was that the Lord would allow me to put aside a some time that I would be able to listen to the reports and encouraging messages from around the region and that the Lord would speak to me and give me a word or two for me to take away from the conference.  And as I have experienced time and time again, God was faithful and answered that humble prayer.  I was busy and could not focus some of my time on the speakers, God did quiet my heart and allowed me to focus on Him and His message for me.  You must understand, I am a task oriented perfectionist.  I could have easily and happily focused my time and energy on other things that would have distracted me from hearing God’s voice.  But God is faithful.   What might God tell you if you too would ask Him to quiet your heart and soul from the busy schedule that you have and spend some time listening to His voice?