May 17

  I want to use this week’s post to let you know of some exciting things that have been happening behind the scene here at Groveland Missionary Church.  Here at this church we support several missionaries that are ministering in many foreign countries.  Well one of the missionaries we support monthly sent out an appeal at the beginning of the year for prayer and support for a new program for the youth he is working with over in Greece.  He wants to start a Bible quizzing program.  If you do not know what Bible quizzing is, a group of people (youth) are given a section of scripture to study and memorize for a month or so, then they gather together and are asked questions about the passages they studied in a game show type event.  The first one to stand up to answer the question correctly gets points for their team.  The team that gets the most questions correctly with the fewest wrong, win the quiz meet.  Well in order to figure out who stands up first, you need some specialized equipment.  This missionary was looking for help not only getting the equipment but also with other aspects of quizzing.
  I was on a quiz team for one summer and I knew that GMC also at one time had a quiz team.  As I looked around the church here, I found two sets of the specialized equipment that this church was no longer using.  The first set included two special benches and a quiz machine that you plugged into the wall and into the benches to use for quizzing.  The benches were big and heavy (very well built).  But it would have been a fortune to send that overseas and it would probably have to have been shipped- taking a long time to get there.
  But than I came across a small box not much bigger than a portable record player.  Inside was a quiz machine.  It had the control panel that would light up when the quizzers would stand up.   But even better it was designed to use little pressure pads that you could place on any chair or bench was available.  There was no need to ship specialized benches.  And to top it all off, it was not run by an outlet in the wall.  I was battery powered! (with common ordinary 9 volt batteries like those in smoke alarms)  No need for power conversion plugs for foreign electric outlets or anything.  This small, lightweight, all in one, battery powered box had everything needed to hold a quiz meet any time and any where with minimum set up and no outside power source.
  I was so excited that this missionary who we have help support for many years would not only be able to spread the gospel by quizzing, but that we could be the ones to help start him off with the very equipment that he would need.  We were not using it and if we did decide to start a quiz team again, we would still have the first set of equipment for ourselves.  After getting approval from the elders, we became his answer to his prayer.  With just a little postage (considering it was going almost half way around the world), we were able to fly it to him.  He just received it in the mail this week and is excited to use it to strengthen young people in the word of God.
  I hope that this encourages you and I am sure this quizzing equipment encouraged Nathan this last week.