March 4

  I am writing this a day later than usual because of an unexpected trip to the emergency room with my wife after the Sunday morning worship service.  At the time of this writing she still has not been released from the hospital.  And it is hard to be with my wife in the hospital and be with my kids at home.  Needless to say, I am weary and worried and running on empty.  It reminds me of the life of Paul that we looked at in Sunday school two weeks ago.  Paul was traveling to Rome when the boat was caught in the storm.  For 14 days, they struggled and on the 14th day, Paul was encouraging the sailors and helping getting them get fed.  And after they had to abandon ship the next day and swim ashore, there was Paul again getting firewood and being bitten by a viper for his trouble.  I am sure that Paul was as weary and worn as the rest of the 276 people at this point in the story.  Yet here he is ministering and encouraging those around him.  And so I write, hoping in my weariness, I might minister to others.  And even though, I do not know if anybody reads this blog or not, I still hope that this act of serving when all I want to do is curl up in a ball and cry, will help and encourage someone.