March 23

As a pastor I have to  make some tough choices these days.  With the virus spreading in our country and things on lock down, I have to decide how and when to open our doors.  We have been blessed because of the blood drive on Monday and now we are a lunch distribution center for the Morton lunch program.  And because of the idea of the later, more places are becoming distribution centers in Morton.  This is putting less strain on families who need lunches but also want to stay close to home during this quarantine.  But I know that our Parent’s night out and our Easter Egg hunt are going to have to be cancelled.  And if things go the way they are, celebrating Easter itself together physically may be out of the question.
On the plus side, Facebook and other social media are bursting with sermons and other “church” activities like never before and many more might be reached this Easter because of this blooming.
So stay in prayer during this time that God’s word will continue to go forth.  Maybe this will be the start of a revival and a change in the hearts and lives of this nation and around the world.