March 16

The coronavirus is on many peoples mind this last week.  And like many pastors, I struggled with the idea of canceling worship services or not.  If we where not having a guest speaker (Justin Kron: please check out his message under the sermon page), I might have done so.  However, I would have still preached my sermon and posted it on our webpage.  I might have even done a video of it to upload.  I know that many of the people who attend our weekly services do not use computers since most did not grow up with technology and are not as comfortable with it.  But there are others who are. 
And this is my thought for the week.  I know there are smaller churches out there that have not put much effort in the past about having and maintaining a website or having an online presence.  Maybe like mine the members are not tech savvy or are older or just few in number and they do not feel the need to download a podcast, etc.  But with the quarantines and people staying at home, more and more of these churches are starting to put their messages online.  In this last week, I have seen more churches with Facebook live, or Vimeos, and other steaming videos than in the past.  This should be a great encouragement to everyone.  Because not only does it connect those who are part of a church, but it gives those who are outside of the church greater access to sermons and messages that a month ago were only delivered from a pulpit.  I hope this virus will encourage more churches to develop a web presence so that something Satan intended for evil will be used by God to spread his message to more and more people.