June 8

I love the sermon I mentioned in my message, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”.  I dislike “scaring people” into heaven (or out of hell as the case may be).  Fear is however a motivator many times to get us out of our “comforts”.  Fear of dying from a heart attack or high blood pressure has motivated many people to a healthier lifestyle.  Fear of catching a virus has put masks on our faces.  And certainly fear of hell has lead to many conversions, rededications, and recommitments.  Unfortunately fear is usually temporary- as are many of the changes it inspires.  So the lasting impact is lessened.  This is another reason why preaching on God’s love is so popular.  Love typically inspires more long lasting impacts.  However, I think we need to occasionally need to preach and teach about a God who will not allow sinners into heaven and will indeed send them to hell.