July 13

Well before I go on vacation this week, I thought I would write a bit about how we can draw close to God as we talk about in our service yesterday.  There are many ways to draw close to God.  Spending time praising him is a good start.  Praise takes many forms from using our talents (singing, dancing, musical instruments, painting, etc.) and all of them when used for God and for his glory will help us draw close.  Meditating on who God is another way.  Sometimes this is done by listening to the radio while going about our daily activities (driving/riding in a car, while doing housework or homework, etc.).  Maybe you draw near to God by reading a good book or watching an encouraging movie.  Maybe attending or watching a worship service.  Giving, whether it be our time, talents, or money, is another way that people draw close to God.  Just do not treat it as an obligation or routine.  God condemns people in the OT that “worship” God with sacrifices but their hearts are far from Him.  Enjoying the gifts God has given us and using those gifts to help and bless others is another way of drawing closer to God.  I also know that spending time outside enjoying the beauty of nature helps me focus more on Him.  Of course this list of ways to draw close to God would not be complete without adding, prayer, time reading and studying God’s word, and listening to God.  Sometimes our prayers only speak to God without allowing our hearts to pause and listen to His response back to us.
I am sure that this list is not complete, but take several these practices and disciplines to help yourself come back into the presence of God.