July 1

I have been camping the first part of this week and so this is getting posted on the 4th.  The fourth of July is a very big celebration and like most people we try to go to a parade and watch fireworks.  My wife always makes the boys wear patriotic colors.  And I am studying for next week’s sermon on Psalm 2 which speaks about the King.  Whether about David or Jesus, this psalm has some patriotic undertones.  And if you have been reading the news this week, there is more fighting and protests and upheaval in Washington DC.  It is hard to celebrate America when there is so much fighting.  I know we are in the election season and I know it will only get worse over the next 16 months, but I want to pause and thank God that 243 years ago, some brave men believed that all men are created equal.  And no matter how history is twisted this idea is based on the Godly principle found in the Bible.  So thank you God for you love and care of us and this country.  Allow us to see that today as we celebrate our independence.