January 11

I just wanted to use this spot to follow up on my lesson about Barak not being willing to be used by God.  God wants to use us but we need to be willing is the lesson I pointed out.  But here is an idea that I did not explain further.  Even though Barak was hesitant the first time Deborah talked to him (vs 6-8), the second time, Barak listened and was able to accomplish God’s plan/will (vs 14-16).  He was given a second chance.  This is why he made it into the great faith chapter of Hebrews 11.  I think this is also something we can learn.  Even if we are unwilling at first, God can change our hearts and give us a second (or third or fourth . . .) chance.  This is not guaranteed, but God can (and often does) give us another chance if we become willing to follow him.  So if you have failed God in the past because of your unwillingness to carry out his plan, does not mean that God is through with you.  If you change and become willing, God will often give you a second chance.  Are you willing to be willing?