August 2

Have you ever noticed how many worship songs there are about the Christmas time?  “Come let us worship the King.  Jesus the Savior is born”,  “Come and worship, Worship Christ the new born king”, “Prayer and praising, all men raising, Worship him, God on High” (We Three Kings).  And those are just the ones off the top of my head.  There are others about kneeling or bowing down, adoring (another word for worship).  But what about worshiping Christ at other times in his ministry?  I did enjoy the three worship songs during the service (We have Come into this House, His Name is Wonderful, and Thou Art Worthy).  They emphasized many points of my sermon; Forgetting about ourselves and magnify the Lord, bowing down before him, adoring him, praising his worthiness.  We need to worship more and complain less.