April 6

If you noticed, I did not post this on the 6th (Monday) like I usually do.  To tell you the truth, I forgot about it until today.  With the quarantine, my schedule has been thrown in a loop this last month and the new routine has not yet set in yet.
As most of you know this is holy week; the week we celebrate the passion and the resurrection of Jesus.  And this is “Maundy Thursday”.  If you did not know (I had to remember again), the reason it is called Maundy Thursday is because in Latin Maundy is our word for “command”.  It is to remind us of Jesus’ commandment to his disciples in his last supper to “Love one another just as I have loved you”.  And in today’s world, this should take on new meaning with all that is going on.  It should also remind us of a similar command to love God and to love each other.  How are you showing love this week?