April 27

One of the key messages in Joel that I was not able to bring out in my sermon is the phrase “Day of the Lord”.  Normally when we think of the day of the Lord we think about the end time prophesies of Jesus’ return to earth and the final battle between good and evil.  But if you look carefully, Joel uses the phrase to refer to events in his own day.  So in essence we are all living in the day of the Lord.  God’s timing and order of events both now and in the future are known only to him.  We may get hints and minor details here in Joel.  But just as this swarm of locust time is unknown, sometimes we have to understand that the time of the end events are unknown.  We need to be ready.  I am sure when the end time events start to play out, we will understand more about what the Bible predicts about and every thing the Bible says will happen will happen.