April 20

Again, the week has gotten away from me.  Sorry.  We looked this week at the first of the minor prophets: Hosea.  And the message we learned from this book is that God loves us.  His love will not let us go.  However his love does not exclude punishment for sins or consequences.  The kindness of his wrath is to bring repentance and a return to his loving arms.  His true wrath will only be felt by those who refuse to return or trust in God.  We all have been given opportunities to confess our sins and we will continue to have them until we die or Jesus comes to take his children home.  Since we have no idea when either of those events will happen, do not put off this choice.  Please see the love that God has for you before that day comes when you will not be able to change your mind and you will experience what God’s wrath really is all about.