Parent’s Night Out
Parent’s night out is a unique event where parents of children 12 and under can drop off their kids at the church for up to three hours free of charge, leaving the parent(s) free to do other activities.  It is essentially free babysitting for the kids.  Parents can spend their time doing things like going on a date with their spouse, shopping without kids, or just a break from parenting.  The children will enjoy things like games, crafts, activities, and other supervised fun.  We have a staff of trained and vetted volunteers who will watch and care for your young ones while you are out.  We will even provide a meal for the kids so you do not need to worry about feeding them before you come.
Time and Date:  June 7th from 5:30-8:30 pm (Usually the first
         Friday of every month)
Check in or out anytime between 5:30 and 8:30 (you do not need to use the full 3 hours)
Kids checked in by 5:45 will be provided a meal
Cost: FREE! (including the meal!)
Reservations in advance are REQUIRED
     Signing up in advance is so important because it gives us an accurate number and to prepare for who is coming.
We are no longer requiring masks but if you would like your child to wear one when interacting with others, please provide one and we will encourage them to keep it on during those times.  We are still trying to divide the kids according to family groups when seated around tables for the meal and crafting times.
Call 309-387-6311 to reserve your spot or fill out the event registration below.
Note: information gathered from the registration form will only be used for the purposes of Parent’s Night Out and not given to any other organization or for use in other church related activities.