The dates are in for 2024.
Groveland Missionary Church is working with  the Impact Life (formerly known as Central Illinois Community Blood Center) to put on a Blood Drive five or six times a year.  This is a safe, reliable way to donate blood that is used to support our local hospitals and blood banks.  Donations are by appointment only (No drop ins) So sign up for appointments by calling 800-747-5401 or click on the link.
New 2024 Dates:
January 29, 2024      Noon-5:00pm
March 25, 2024         Noon-5:00pm
May 20, 2024             Noon-5:00pm
July 22, 2024             Noon-5:00pm
September 16, 2024  Noon-5:00pm
November 11, 2024   Noon-5:00pm