April 1

Today is April Fools Day.  However the sermon I preached yesterday was not foolish.  We talked about the end times.  And while it is important to know the signs leading up the the last days, we also need to be careful on how we walk during the last days.  This is why I focused (as I believe Jesus did in Mark 13) on preparing followers of Christ on how He wants us to behave during the end times.  He wants us to watch and be aware of the events surrounding us.  Because in those last days, there will be imposters trying to lead us astray.  There will be persecution and hardship.  There will be cosmic struggles.  There will be false Christ who WILL deceive many.  And Jesus does not want us to be unaware.  Keep watch-keep on your guard.  Do not let them trick you.  Many Christians in America have it good as far as being persecuted for Christ. Our brothers and sisters around the world are not so lucky.  But I am not sure when our luck here in America will run out.  When it does, we need to trust in God. Trust in His Word. Trust that He is in control.  Trust that He will not leave us.  And when that time comes we need to Stand. Stand firm in our faith. Standing combines our watchfulness and our trust in God.  It will not be easy. But that is why Jesus spoke the words to us in chapter 13.  If you do these three things, you will be no fool.